Giving up my 100 days of code

So I am 20 days into my 100 days of code and I am going to stop going through the class I was taking on Udemy. I have finally gotten to a point where a lot of the modules they are trying to have me use aren’t working and I am spending more time troubleshooting their stuff than I am actually learning. So now I am going to start my own exercises and continue my learning on my own. I am going to try and cherry pick some of the courses in the class that still work, but will end up refining my code with what I have already learned and trying to put some the practices into place to improve my code. I will also work on automating more of the functions that need to be automated in my environment. In all I am frustrated by the fact that I could complete the Udemy course, but thankful for the few things that I have learned.

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