Plane Spotting at ONT

Caught a couple of commuter planes while I was out on a weekend watching planes come and go. A Southwest and Delta flight landing at the Ontario Airport. Liked the background of the mountain with snow on it and tried to get some blur to create some separation between the jet plane and the mountain behind. There is a nice area to shot the planes on landing outside of the airport.

2023 01 28 ONT Plane Spotting 02490 extedit Instagram

2023 01 28 ONT Plane Spotting 02303 extedit Instagram

2022 Props and Hops

For the second year in a row we went to props and hops at the Palm Springs Air Museum. It was a good time with several breweries there. It also doesn’t hurt that there are WWII planes along with some newer jets and stuff out on tarmac. The Palm Springs Air Museum is right next to the runway at the Palm Springs Airport. One of the highlights was seeing the F-117 Nighthawk, after it had been repainted after being demilitarized. I saw it when it first was brought into the museum and it was great to see it now refurbished.


This is from the F-117 was first brought to the air museum, back in 2020. This was a nighttime event with a Steve Justice from from Lockheed Martin.

F-117 during Props and Hops in 2022. Almost looks like she could fly.