Burrowing Owls

I was out at the Ontario Airport plane spotting over the weekend. I noticed two other photographers out there looking into a field. I drove over to check out what they were doing. They were shooting burrowing owls near the airport. Turns out there is a habitat for them and there are several different areas in this field that they raise their young. Burrowing owls spend most of their time on the ground hunting small animals and insects. They took over the burrows of ground squirrels and prarire dogs.2023 01 28 ONT Plane Spotting 01635 Instagram

Bolsa Chica Preserve

It was an overcast and slightly rainy day at Bolsa Chica the last time I was out. I walked the area and caught some birds in flight and getting their morning breakfast. During the time out the sun never made an appearance, so while it was basically a white box for the whole shoot and no highlights, it didn’t make for great photography. I was out with the Sony 200-600 and the A1. Granted I didn’t really need the high frame rate of the A1, the 200-600 is always a nice lens to shoot with.

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