Books read during the 2020 year

As I did last year, here are the books I managed to consume this year. Granted that I had alot of freetime with whole Covid thing, but I did manage to get through a lot of books:

Eclipsed Core
Hell Divers 6 – Allegiance
The Admirals: Nimitz, Halsey, Leahy, and King
Archangel Rising
Warship(Black Feet Saga Book 1)
Call To Arms(Black Feet Saga Book 2)
The Battle of Midway
New Frontiers(Black Feet Saga Book 3)
Counterstrike(Expansion War)
Iron & Blood(Expansion War)
Destroyer(Expansion War)
Battleground(Unification War Trilogy Book1)
Omega Rising
Omega Force – Soldiers of Fortune
Omega Force – Savage Homecoming
Omega Force – The Enemy Within
Omega Force – Return of the Archon
Omega Force – Secret of the Phoenix
Omega Force – Redemption
Omega Force – The Human Factor
Omega Force – Revolution
Omega Force – Legends Never Die
Omega Force – Rebellion
Rainbow Six
Marine – Joshua Dalzelle
Boneshaker – Joshua Dalzelle
Terms of Enlistment – Mark Kloos
Lines of Departure – Mark Kloos
Chaos Core – Gage Lee
Angles of Attack – Marko Kloos
Chains of Command – Marko Kloos
Points of Impact – Marko Kloos
Fields of Fire – Marko Kloos
Into the Black – Evan Currie
CWSP – Certified Wireless Security Professional
The Heart of the Matter – Evan Currie
CWDP – Certified Wireless Design Professional
The Right of the Line – Ark Royal Book 14 – Christopher Nuttall
Duel in the Dark – Blood on the Stars I – Jay Allen
Call to Arms – Blood on the Stars II – Jay Allen
Ruins of Empire – Blood on the Stars III – Jay Allen
Echoes of Glory – Blood on the Stars IV – Jay Allen
Cauldron of Fire – Blood on the Stars V – Jay Allen
Dauntless – Blood on the Stars VI – Jay Allen
The White Fleet – Blood on the Stars VII – Jay Allen
Black Dawn – Blood on the Stars VIII – Jay Allen
Invasion – Blood on the Stars IX – Jay Allen
Night Fall – Blood on the Stars X – Jay Allen
The Grand Alliance – Blood on the Stars XI – Jay Allen
Relentless – RA Salvatore
Omega Force The Pandora Paradox – Joshua Dalzelle
Colossus – Blood on the Stars XII – Jay Allen
The Others – Blood on the Stars XIII – Jay Allen
Last Stand – Blood on the Stars XIV – Jay Allen
Surviving Home – A American
Escaping Home – A American
Going Home – A American
Forsaking Home – A American
Favour the Bold – Christopher G. Nuttall
Burning Core – Gage Lee
Infinite Core – Gage Lee
The Lion and Unicorn – Christopher G. Nuttall
The Ember War – Richard Fox
Order of Battle – Frontlines Book 7 – Marko Kloos

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