Review Oceanic OCi

oceanic oci

Just upgraded my dive computer and decided to go with a wrist mount computer. I am upgrading from a Suunto Cobra Air Integrated and going with something a little smaller that I can take with me when I travel and use when on vacation, without needing to bring my regulator and other gear.

Some of the reasons that I ended up with the Oci was the good reviews it got, the features and functionality it had, and the form factor. I also looked at the OC1, but couldn’t justify the extra price just to get the additional features that it had along with the metal shell. So when it came down to it the Oci met all of my needs.

I didn’t want to lose the option for Air Integration if I wanted to do it. The Oci does it wirelessly while I don’t have the transmitter for it now, I do have the option to buy it and turn it on eventually.

The Oci also comes with a digital compass, not sure how much use I am going to get out of that. I tend to wear my compass on my  BCD up by my shoulder which is where I like it. I once used a wristmount compass and what I found was that I needed one more bend in my arm to make it truly useful so that it could be in front of me while swimming.

The interface is cleanand easy to use, the watch has 4 buttons, but one is a light. The other 3 are a combination of single click and click and hold for 2 seconds and it will take you into different menus. I was able to easily walk through the menus and configure the device with what I wanted. In most cases the defaults on the device were perfect for me and should accomplish what I need.


The watch is big, bigger than it looks like in the ads. It also includes an extension strap so that you can use it when wearing a 7mm wetsuit, but then the extension strap can be removed when either wearing it without a wetsuit or with a smaller wetsuit.

The watch comes with a USB cable, but you have to pay for the software for a mac to manage the computer. Kind of lame that it costs money to get the software, especially after you have paid so much for the computer.

Overall I am happy with the purchase, I am still testing it out in comparison to my Cobra, so I haven’t retired that yet and moved over to just an SPG gauge on my gear. I will probably give it a few more dives just to make sure that I trust it. This is my life we are talking about here.

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