When to replace your running shoes

This past weekend I participated in the Rundisney “Rebel Challenge” this was a 10k and a half in the same weekend. I had done this last year during the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend. I wasn’t too worried about it until 2 weeks before I managed to hurt my foot and I was basically incapacitated and couldn’t walk. I wasn’t sure if I would be doing anything this past weekend because of the pain I was in. After 2 weeks of RICE I was able to run the races. The time wasn’t important, what was important to me was that I completed the races and got my bling. At the end of the day that is mostly why I run the races. However during the races something else interesting happened, I got a huge blister on the foot that wasn’t hurt. I didn’t think anything of it, until I started reading about when to replace your shoes. I had worn this same pair of shoes for two other Half Marathons and several 10Ks, when I looked at my Nike App I realized I was somewhere in the realm of 350 miles. Those were just the miles that had gotten recorded when the watch was actually working, so it’s possible I was closer to 400 or so miles in these shoes.

As part of my rehab I have been walking a couple of miles a day to get my feet back to the point I can run again, I have done several miles with my old shoes and then several with a new pair. The new pair has made a huge difference in not irritating my foot injury or the blister that I managed to get. So at this point I have a feeling that I should have replaced this pair of shoes sooner and not ignored the nagging pain and injuries I was experiencing before.

Lesson learned, listen to your body more and don’t discount when your feet hurt.

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