Resolutions for the New Year

I figured I would get my resolutions written down in one place. This way I have some where to go back to check on them and see what I actually accomplished if any of them.

1. get my CCIE, I passed the written back in July at Ciscolive. I have the lab scheduled and I am attending a bootcamp in a couple of weeks. I have wanted to complete this for a while and get this accomplishment under my belt.

2. Find some more clients for my fledgling consulting business. I do a little bit of work on the side now for a couple of people with their Networking and VMWare. I would like to pick up some more clients and be able to help them out.

3. Find a job where I can work from home, I am tired of commuting. I have a couple of things going right now where that might be possible. Have to see if I can make that happen this year.

4. Keep updating this blog more often with photos and posts.  I have been an avid/professional photographer at times and love to show my work. I really need to keep up with this and keep things updated. One it doesn’t let my photo skills get rusty, also writing posts won’t allow my writing skills to get rusty.

Lots of stuff to this year.  Aside from what is posted, I have quite a few other things  I would also like to learn like MPLS and do some voice work.

Lots to do, lets get this year going.

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