Random Thoughts for the Week

This week we had an additional PCI audit, the new boss didn’t trust what we had done and the fact we had already passed for this year didn’t seem to make him happy.  PCI 2.0 compliance isn’t a small thing, but he didn’t trust us.  So he brought out his own people who decided they needed to go through our environment with a fine tooth comb, whether that was actually looking for vulnerabilities or how easy it would be to take over my job I won’t know for a little while.

I played the game gave the person what they wanted, although they did make a couple of good recommendations.  Which is why I was reading the CIS server hardening guide over the weekend.  Why am I a Network Engineer reading this?  Because we fired the Windows Server Admins and someone has to do it and since I seem to be one of the few left I guess it is up to me to get the Wintel environment into shape.  The routers, IPS, Firewalls,  and overall network passed with flying colors.  The Windows/VMWare environment not so much, so hence my reading that is taking me away from my studying.

So while taking one of my breaks from working I decided to go through XKCD for the week and came across this gem of a cartoon.  Which is really rather fitting and really drives home a point, that while the password may be difficult to remember it isn’t necessarily hard for a computer to guess.  Gotta love technology.

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