2022 Camarillo Airshow

Life is almost back to normal and at least we had an almost full year of Airshows. Went to both of days of the Camarillo airshow and had a great time capturing photos up there. Not as many jets this year, but the WWII planes from Planes of Fame and the Palm Spring Air Museum make this show a treat to visit and experience. The weather was nice, could always ask for a few more clouds, but I will take what I can get and enjoy the time out.

2021 Pacific Airshow

This year I was able to go to the Pacific Airshow in Huntington Beach. These are some of the shots from Saturday at the 2021 Pacific Airshow before the oil slick caused it be canceled. I wish the airshow hadn’t gotten canceled, but I understand the issue and why it was. I was shooting from the beach with my A9ii and the 200-600 lens. I think next year I will try shooting from the pier along with the beach on the multiple days. It should make for an interesting shoot. The sun was rough for some of the shots because it was directly behind the planes.

Other shots from the airshow.

Happy with most of these, of course they could always be better and they will be at the next air show. Learned a lot shooting this time. Most of these were done with the Sony 70-400 lens on my a6300. Going to look at some of the other long lenses for my camera. I had to use the e to a mount adapter from Sony. All of it worked well there are some limitations, although those limitations could have been my own inexperience shooting planes in motion. Will know more the next time I shoot at an air show.